We will have the honor to host this epic gathering in two different locations with easy access and very easy connection between them.

The welcoming ceremony and point of registration will take place at Wachalal Lake Lodge, located in the beautiful bay of Tzanquiakay in San Pedro la Laguna Atitlán. We will coordinate the transportation to an undisclosed and magical location.


How to Get to Wachalal Festival


To drive from Guatemala City or Antigua you will take the highland road called Carretera Interamericana CA-1. Drivers have two options to get from the main road to the lake, first option is driving down in the kilometer 140 and drive down to Panajachel and then take a boat to San Pedro. The second option is to continue driving and in the kilometer 148 go down directly to San Pedro la Laguna. Options for parking in San Pedro are available but limited.


You can find Wachalal lake lodge on Facebook or Google and it will point to the Geolocation on the map.


From Guatemala City

The shuttles leave from Guatemala City airport to Panajachel every 2 hours.

From panajachel you take the local boats to San Pedro la Laguna. This trip takes aprox. 2 hours

Shuttles are available in any tour company in the center of Antigua, you have the option to drive to San Pedro la Laguna (4 hours) or take a shuttle to Panajachel (3 hours) and transit to a boat that takes you to San Pedro

From San Cristobal

There is shuttle service directly to Panajachel they go out at 6am and land in Panajachel at 5pm right on time for the last set of boats going to San Pedro La Laguna.

Last part of the trip from San Pedro main dock to Wachalal Lake lodge you have two option you can walk 15 minutes in direction to the finca road until you reach the street sign of Wachal Lake Lodge, then you walk 150m towards the beach and you will se beautiful Punta de Oro on the right side. The second options is ride with the local Tuc Tuc, you can ask them to take you to Wachalal or Punta de Oro.